We believe that

Education and Knowledge are Power

Everyone should have it. Our Challenge to make and provide the best service to meet our student's requirements. We believe Partnering through Go advice Student Agent Program is a simple way to help us to educate the world and generate new revenue from your content and Marketing. We Would build members of customers and employees to work together in a good environment.

Go Advice Consultant is a professional student recruitment company providing students with current information  From the right course at the right university right down to the right city, each student's future is almost a priority as this is the single most valuable investment they will make for their future.

Our core values :

Help students achieve their dreams

We offer to our student premium service at the highest level 

Respect, Connect, and Care.

 Honesty and loyalty in all our activities to build a win-win relationship

Actions that inspire trust and confidence

we strive for excellence to be the best in everything we do.


We strive to advance information and guidance through clients’ needs

To become a globally competitive, trusted and informative consultant


An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

Go Advice was established in early 2020. We represent all top universities in Malaysia with a very good quality of education for our clients’ cost value to have a better preparation in future. 


Our target is to achieve the student’s dream to study abroad with a good education system at an affordable price.