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We provide guidance to all students around the world who keen to studying abroad

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Not sure what to study? Get recommended on a course.


English Institute

Students who are poor in English can improve their language skills right here

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To save you the trouble, here’s a full updated list of some of the best private & public universities in Malaysia with their best-known fields.


Selecting course abroad is a crucial step for any student, at Go Advice we assist students in selecting their course depending upon their requirement


English and Languages

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Everyone should have it. Our Challenge to make
and provide the best service to meet our student’s requirements. We believe Partnering through Go advice Student Agent Program is a simple way to help us to educate the world and generate new revenue from your content and Marketing. We Would build members of customers and employees work together in a good environment.



As a student, we know that you might get confused and intimidated by the different application procedures at different universities. Therefore, we are here to help you through the entire journey.

We will provide you with the latest information on your preferred university’s application period, application intake, documents required and other key details you might not be aware of.

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Omar Al Shiri

"In fact, I have reached out to Go Advice with zero information about Malaysia and study abroad, honestly the response is fantastic. Acquired all details needed. glad to be one of their students "

Cynthia Aprilia Supandi

“I really appreaciate your email , and thanks for the information . it make me really determined to continue my study”


What our students say

Here you can find the testimonials of our students, who benefited from the go advice consultation

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We know that international education can be expensive, and thus many institutions are providing financial aids to help international students mitigate the costs of their studies

As we review your application, we will recommend scholarships which you are applicable for.

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Here you can find our fully team working on achieving our students goals and dreams 

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Ali Al Khateri


Aina Mardiah

Co Founder

Abdullah Al Jabri

General manager

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