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Master of Science


Min: 1 Year
Max: 2 Years

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RM 12,290 (Min 2 Semester)


Science and Technology

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    Energy is the most important resource for the development of a country. The dependence on conventional energy such as oil, gas and coal as the main source of energy will have a detrimental effect on the development of a country if the supplies are disrupted. Utilization of conventional energy also contributes to environmental pollution. Alternative sources of energy should be explored and their utilization should be stepped up.

    Some of the sources of alternative energy being considered actively at the international level are solar energy, wind energy, biomass, biogas and hydro. They are not only excellent sources of alternative energy but also easy to access, clean and recyclable. Initiatives to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy demand management are actively being implemented.

    Energy technology must be improved in order to fulfil the increasing demand for energy. In order to plan and execute the development of the energy technology effectively and economically, a number of experts in the field of alternative energy are needed. The program is offered at the Department of Applied Physics, with teaching staffs from this department and also from the Solar Energy Research Institute.

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