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Biology and Physics)


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    This programme offers a solid foundation of theoritical and practical skills of pure chemistry courses, to build issues on advanced concepts and contemporary chemistry in later years. This programme is designed to nurture dynamic, respected and referred chemists who are socially responsible in supporting national and global aspirations in science, technology and innovations for a sustainable tomorrow.

    This Physics programme in the School of Physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia is provides the foundation for all the other physics programmes. The scope of pure physics encompasses classical mechanics, solid state physics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, optics, electromagnetism, and modern physics. Through the Pure Physics programme, you will be provided all-round training in Physics from our pool of research-orientated academic staff. This kind of training in the lecture halls and laboratories lays the strong foundation in Physics which prepares you for your future career. The programme is most relevant to someone who wishes to be a physicist.

    Science Biology programme in the School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysi aims to produce graduates with a strong fundamental understanding of biological topics including ecology, evolution, biodiversity, genetics, microbiology as well as basic chemistry, mathematics and biostatistics. The graduates are exposed to technical skills and trained to think critically, while adhering to professional, ethical and responsible conduct in basic scientific research. The graduates are also knowledgeable and well versed in scientific research methods such as experimental design, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of data in biological sciences.

    The Mathematic programme in the School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, is provides a broad-based and rigorous training in the following areas of the mathematical sciences: pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. It seeks to train students to think in a logical, structured and precise manner and thus enable them to be effective problem solvers in business, finance and industrial organization. The training will also equip them to pursue studies at the postgraduate level in various areas of the mathematical sciences.

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    University Sains Malaysia (known as USM) is a university in Malaysia. Founded 1969 as the second university to be established in the country  and one of Malaysia’s leading science universities. With a total of  35,000 students including 28,000 undergraduates and 15% International Students.