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    Psychology course exposes you to the tremendously varied field of Psychology. We equip you with the theoretical knowledge and practical training to conduct both basic and applied research, serve as consultants to communities and organizations and diagnose and treat people. You will gain insight into the human mind and their behavior, enabling you to explore the processes involved in normal and abnormal thoughts, feelings and actions. Besides just being scientific, Psychologists also need to be creative in the way they apply scientific findings. They are innovators, evolving new approaches to meet the changing needs of people, organizations, and societies. Clinical Psychology focuses on assessing and treating mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. Counselling Psychology help people accommodate to change and deal with problems in their everyday lives using various techniques. Development Psychology focuses on the physiological, cognitive and social development of human beings throughout their lives, and also developmental disabilities and their effects on the individual. Educational Psychology involves learning the effective teaching and learning methods to influence a student’s motivation and classroom behaviour. Experimental Psychology focuses on the behaviour processes of human beings and animals. Prominent areas of study include motivation, learning, attention, sensory and perceptual process, substance abuse and its effects, cognition, as well as genetic and neurological factors affecting human behaviour.

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