London English Academy ( LEA )


LEA English Center was formed in 2006 in Knightsbridge, London , LEA used to be known as The London English Academy but was more popularly recognized and identified by its abbreviation, LEA. 

In the journey to be the best English language learning center in Malaysia and in the world.

 Now LEA have a total of 40,000 square feet of office space with 2 branches and has emerged as one of the biggest English learning centers in Malaysia with international students from South Korea, Sudan, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Mongolia, and others

Why Choose LEA

  • LEA provides personal coaching for students.

 Professional teachers partner with students in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential in the English language to achieve their goals.

  • LEA  provides quality English Education for the past 14 years locally and also internationally. 

Students come here from Asia and the Middle East, with some also coming from South Africa and Europe.

  • Their  teachers come from Malaysia, English, Canada, New Zealand and also Australia.

 You will hear a variety of different accents to prepare you for using English around the world

Facts About LEA

  • LEA Awarded as one of the Best English Centers in Malaysia 14th September 2015, in a special Award ceremony organized by the MOE or Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

  • LEA has been awarded the 5-Star Quality Standards Award for Private Education Institutions (SKIPS) or Standard Kualiti Institusi Pendidikan Swasta.

  • The SKIPS award reaffirms LEA English Center as one of the best English language centers in Malaysia.

Programs Offer

  • Intensive English Programme

  • IELTS Preparation Course

  • Part-Time English

  • Business English

  • Summer Camp

  • Online English

Facilities Of LEA

  • Their Classrooms are bright and nicely furnished creating a comfortable learning environment.

  • “IPad Corner” – offers the latest technology to practice your listening skills, improving your fluency and working on your pronunciation. Students can also spend time on LEA E-Learning for guided e-learning and online community.

  • Free Wifi Access for the convenience of students.

  • Student’s Pantry – a popular place during breaks and lunchtime.

  • Student’s Lounge – a comfortable common room where students meet. Students can relax, socialize and mingle with their friends.

  • Communication Room – specifically designed to enhance and cultivate cooperation, communication, teamwork, and reflection skills. Our Communication Programs are run in the Communication room.

  • Study Area is a quiet room for self-study and has wide range of books, practice materials, and much more


The accommodation is a modern, purpose-built residence. Its perfect location is just 5 minutes short walk to LEA. 

It has rooms and shared living and dining areas. 

There are fridge, microwave and boiler in the kitchen and all the usual appliances. Students can also use the swimming pool and gym located in the accommodation’s building. 

There is a sophisticated access control system ensuring security at all times, rooms are with security and comfort. 

They are furnished with Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, TV, Living Room Set, Washing Machine, Single Beds, Kitchen (Non-Cooking Unit), Water Heater, Air-conditioned and the Internet.


They are furnished with Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, TV, Living Room Set, Washing Machine, Single Beds, Kitchen (Non-Cooking Unit), Water Heater, Air-conditioned and the Internet.

Note : Rental depends on the type of furnishings for more information please request