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IELTS Foundation course

Program Description

Designed for lower English levels to get an idea of what the IELTS exam is all about. Each day a different skill and question type is broken down: Monday- reading, Tuesday – speaking, Wednesday – listening, Thursday – writing.

Program structure

  • An introduction into the challenging world of IELTS.

  • Graded IELTS material for students who don’t have a strong command of the English language just yet.

  • To improve the overall level of English, including all four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

  • To enhance your ability to use the specialist language required for IELTS. To provide guidance and tips in order for you to achieve your desired score.

  • To maximize your learning potential and ensure fast progress through plenty of practice and support.

  • Kuala Lumpur 
  • Available 
  • Request Info
  • 1 x 1-Hour lesson, focusing on one skill per day. 
  • Malaysian time 1:00pm-2:00pm, 
  • Monday to Thursday.

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