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Go Advice Consultant is a professional student recruitment company providing students and with current information about studies abroad.

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How Its Work

Step 1

Choose Your Interested Program / University

You will be given a list of all the institutions at your preferred destination. Just browse for what you want to study and at what level. If there’s anything on your wish list, this is the time to let us know about it. Are you interested in a university? Do you want to be in a specific place? click on the form link to see a range of choices you can have with Go Advice

Step 2

Submit Your Application

Once you’ve decided which University/Programs, please submit your online request to us and a consultant from Go Advice will be in contact with you. Go Advice is a truly global company more than just a Consultant. We understand the importance of in-country expertise and face-to-face service, so a key part of our strategy is to ensure a strong in-country presence in all markets we work in. Click to register your interest today.

Step 3

Receive Your Study

We will send you a list of courses to consider. This will include links to each course’s content and structure, as well as their tuition fees, entry requirements, application deadlines and any other key information. Once the course selection is complete, Go Advice will then start applying for your preferred course in your preferred university. We check to make sure everything is correct and complete, and sight and certify your documents on behalf of the universities and will receive the study acceptance within the minimum turn-around time. Check out documents required for each program here

Step 4

Visa Acceptance Letter

If you want to study any course lasting four months or longer in your selected country, you will need to get a student visa. Go Advice offers a combination of services designed to take the stress and confusion out of the process of applying for a visa in Malaysia, and ensure you adhere to your visa conditions. We have a combination of services designed to help those who prefer to manage their own applications, through to comprehensive migration advice and application assistance. Please submit an online request or contact our Go Advice consultant to get more information.

Step 5

Ready To Go

Congratulations! You’re off on an enormous adventure. There are many things to believe during this point and your Go Advice consultant will help along the way with advice on matters like exchanging money, insurance, SIM cards and opening a checking account.
We host regular pre-departure sessions throughout the year to assist prepare you for student life in your new country.


  • ” I’m surprised with Go Advice Professional service. One of the best communication and very supportive. From the first day till now Go Advice is doing a great job  “

    - Oman Ali Ali Shahri

    PHD Student Fom Oman

  • ” In fact, I have reached to Go Advice with zero information about Malaysia and study abroad, honestly the response is fantasic. Acquired all details needed, glad to be one of their students”

    - Ali Saeed Musalem

    PHD Student from Oman

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Go Advice provides you with the resources to seek out and apply to the varsity and program that are the proper fit your interests and wishes. Go Advice will guide you thru the whole application process, helping you obtain your letter of acceptance, so you’ll begin studying at the varsity of your dreams.

Our services are free for all the students. There’s no cost to students to book appointment with Go Advice. There could also be some small fees like courier costs or document verification fees. For more information, phone or speak to your consultants or complete our enquiry form.

To begin studying as an abroad student, there are a variety of entry requirements you’ll need to meet.

The academic requirements (including evidence of English skills) you would like to use will vary counting on the extent of education you would like to review. For instance, some courses would require you to possess done a foundation course before applying for a degree. All universities and schools can have different entry requirements, so read the course information on their websites carefully.

Our counsellors are here to support you with guidance on the courses and locations that best meet your preferences.

Application Fee: You must pay the application fee before submitting your application. The application fee is charged by schools and is non-refundable. The schools will not review your application if your application fee is not paid.

Note: Go Advice does NOT charge any extra fees for processing your application. We collect the exact amount schools charge for your convenience and pay it directly to the school. We are totally free for all students/applicants and are only paid by schools.

Tuition Fee: You must pay the tuition fee for each semester at the beginning of the university’s semester.

Some universities require that you pay a deposit amount after obtaining your acceptance letter in order to secure your position in the school. The deposit amount is a portion of the first semester’s tuition fee and is usually less than $1,500.

If you do not get your visa, the school will fully refund your deposit back to you.

Note: You do not have to pay any tuition before getting your acceptance.

Note: Unlike the deposit, the application processing fee will not be refunded if your visa application is refused.<

Note: We have calculated the total annual tuition fees for each school for your convenience, but this does NOT mean you have to pay the listed annual tuition at the beginning of the school year.

The costs associated with studying at university or school overseas vary greatly. It depends on the nature of the program, the length of your stay, the distance you travel and the kind of lifestyle you want when you get there.
Be aware that some student visas require you to have a certain amount of funds available in your bank account when you arrive in your chosen country. It is best to review the immigration websites for the country you wish to study in or speak to one of our counsellors.
Many students choose to carry out some part-time work alongside their studies, to support their living or socialising costs. However, there are restrictions on the hours you can work to ensure you focus on your studies.

We recommend you begin your application process at least a year in advance to give enough time for your applications to be processed and to prepare for your time overseas.

To study in Malaysia, students need to understand that the intakes in the top universities in Malaysia take place thrice a year in most cases.

Intake periods: Study in Malaysia for International Students

February Intake Malaysia (Spring Semester)

• Semester applications mostly start from January.
• Semester duration: January – April (4 months)
• Students need to begin their research on universities 6 months prior to the course commencement.
• Getting the application result: Universities respond to student applications between 1-2 months
April Intake Malaysia (Summer Semester)

• Semester applications usually start by March
• Semester duration: April – July (4 months)
• Students need to begin their research on universities 6 months prior to the course commencement.
• Getting the application result: Universities respond to student applications between 1-2 months
September Intake Malaysia (Autumn Semester)

• Semester applications usually starts by August
• Semester duration: September – December (4 months)
• Students need to begin their research on universities 6 months prior to the course commencement.
• Getting the application result: Universities respond to student applications between 1-2 months

For postgraduate and undergraduate courses in Malaysia, the academic session usually starts in February.

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