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Intensive English Course

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    Program Description

    The importance of learning English has clearly become evident in our increasingly globalized world. English is the fourth most commonly spoken native language in the world, and is the most spoken official languages around the globe. International students who wish to further their higher education in universities and colleges in Great Britain, the Unites States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, need to have a firm grasp of the English language. Knowing English also opens job and employment opportunities in many countries.

    The general English course at Awesome is designed to give students the self confidence to communicate efficiently in real life situations. Our classes, which are small in size, focus on enhancing students’ learning experiences by teaching them the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking which are integrated with the necessary grammar, vocabulary, idioms and colloquialism.

    Our general English classes will prepare you for your academic study at college or university help you improve your scores on English tests you might need in the future, such as IELTS, as well as immerse you in a new culture, providing many opportunities to practice English both at our institute and outside the class.

    Why you need to take this course?

    • Students who would like to pursue their post or undergraduate studies.
    • Individuals who aim to blend well in foreign English speaking societies.
    • Students who feel the need to improve their communication skills.
    • Individuals who plan to tour Western countries seeking adventure.
    • Business men who are involved with a divers industry.

    Learning Objective

    • Absolute Fluency in English communication skills.
    • Learn the perfect accent and pronunciation from Native teachers.
    • Master the skills of writing and start applying your meaningful writing in emails and letters.
    • Full Understanding of English Language and the ability to enhance yourself all by yourself in the future.
    • Reading becomes a habit and you will be drawn into the English speaking culture.

    Academically speaking, Awesome Intensive courses are separated into different levels, each 4 weeks long. Starting from level 1 where the student has no background or idea about English language, until level 10 where the student has the full understanding of English language.

    About Awesome English Language Center


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    53300, KL

    Awesome English Language Center was opened back in 2012. Since then Awesome has been known for its wide and divers environment filled with students from more than 25 countries.