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    English For Business

    Program Description

    A basic course that focuses on the main aspects of business and relationships. Covering man y different aspects ranging from sales to negotiation. Awesome has tailored its own set of business principles that we find crucial in Business.

    Learning Objective

    • To discuss and deal with some of the psychological issues connected with starting conversations with strangers.
    • To teach some useful phrases for starting a conversation and leaving a conversation.
    • To provide practice and feedback of the situation of starting and leaving conversations with strangers.
    • Building relationships and negotiation.
    • Keeping conversations going and Marketing.

    English for Finance

    Description of course

    English for the Financial Sector helps learners to prepare for a career in finance and enables those already working in the industry to improve their financial English. Develops students’ speaking proficiency in a range of financial contexts. Practices professional communication skills such as negotiating, presenting, and writing emails and reports. Engages students with meaningful content, including authentic texts and interviews with finance professionals. The ability to create and make your own project/ report in the field of Finance

    English for IT

    Description of course

    So, even if you have an understanding of regular English for business, you may struggle with understanding computer jargon—or the terms and expressions which are used only in the IT industry.

    IT is a fast-moving industry with new devices (such as mobile phones and tablets) and apps being created and released all the time. You need to keep up with the latest technological developments—and the language to discuss them—in both your business and personal life. If you don’t want to be left out, that’s another good reason to learn English for IT.

    Learning Objective

    • Application developer
    • Web administrator
    • network engineer
    • chief information officer
    • What is Nano technology
    • Operating systems
    • Essential hardware parts and their names/duties
    • Programming languages
    • Introduction to Software
    • Operating System

    English for Management

    Program Description:

    To be a successful business manager, it’s important that you’re able to communicate well and be understood by the people you work with—your team, your business partners and other business professionals. You need to be clear, polite, professional and strong when you speak English. This also means that your English words need to have power and precision. If you’re not communicating as well as you could be, then work might not get done efficiently.

    Learning Objective

    • Different situations that might face the company such as: Risk, liquidation, Employee requests, Budget cuts, etc.
    • Terminologies and how to use them correctly: Breakeven point, dividends, shareholders, human resource, etc.
    • Asking team members without commanding them
    • How to create an analysis and a full report regarding any matter and/or a research for PHD students

    English for Medicine

    Course Description

    Our One-to-one English for Medicine course is perfect for non-native speaking doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals looking to improve their English language proficiency.

    Learning Objective

    • Choice of topics such as clinical medicine, third-world medical issues, presenting research and medical education
    • Development of medical vocabulary, fluency in presentations and meetings, use of statistics in medical reports and presentations

    Provision of effective learning strategies for the future

    English for Oil and Gas

    Description of course

    This is a tailor-made course for companies and private clients. You’ll learn industry-specific language and we’ll help you overcome anything that’s stopping you from communicating effectively in the workplace.

    Learning Objective

    • Understand main English vocabulary for the oil and gas industry
    • Use industry-specific terminology in written communications
    • Pronounce technical language
    • Communicate more confidently in English

    Why take this Course

    • Technicians, operators, drilling and exploration teams
    • Engineers and health and safety (HSE) specialists
    • Contracts staff, supply chain management (SCM) and procurement teams
    • Energy human resources (HR) and training professionals
    • Legal and finance personnel
    • Energy traders and industry analysts
    • Government liaison officers and employees in energy ministries

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