EMS Language Center

About EMS Language Center

EMS Language Center (English becomes simple) is operated by Citinetics Sdn. Bhd. create. Bhd. Provide English learning courses for local and international students of all levels and all purposes. Its courses are designed to help learners improve their English language skills related to their personal, professional and academic needs.

Citinetics Sdn Bhd has an outstanding record of more than 30 years in organizing and managing courses, workshops, seminars and career plans. Bhd. EMS language center Malaysia​ was established in 2011 to make English learning as simple and enjoyable as possible. Classes are taught by a team of qualified and experienced local and non-local teachers using a series of interactive and motivational methods

Intensive English Program in EMS Language Center

Do you want to improve your English language skills? Or is English something completely new to you? Regardless of your skill level and understanding of this international language, EMS Language center in Malaysia Intensive General English (IGE) is the ideal way to start your English learning journey. why? Because it aims to adapt to all levels of language development. This is a multi-level course that makes language learning easy for everyone! Therefore, whether you plan to enter an international university, get a better job, build your own business or travel the world, IGE is your gateway to the future




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