Elite Language Center


Elite Language Center  in an established English Language center , Founded in 2007. 

Elite Purpose  is to provide the best possible English Language programs for all individuals young and old , who either want to enroll in a university or simply improve their English Language skills. 

Our Mission is based on our quest to build positive intercultural relationships globally, as well as a strong commitment to delivering a high level of English   courses by professional and creative native speakers

Facts About Elite Language Center

1- Awarded an International Education Award for Outstanding contribution to International Education by(  ASIC ).

2- An institutional member of quality International Study Abroad Network ( QISAN ).

3-  Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities ( ASIC )

Why Choose Elite

  1. All ELIT courses are run by native English speakers.

  2. Every course is highly student centered, which allows each student to move quickly through the levels.

  3. ELIT also has partnerships with both local and international universities in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

  4. ELIT is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. 



  • Arabic

  • Mandarin

  • Children After School Classes

  • Summer Classes 

  • IELTS