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Master of Science (Management of Plant Genetic Resources)

This program is carried out as an international level program with cooperation from the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI), with the aim of providing theoretical expertise and pertinent practicals required for the sustainable management of plant genetic resources.

Master of Science (Industrial Minerals)

Industrial minerals are non-metallic natural resources, exclusive of fossil fuel and water. However, some specific rocks are within the scope of industrial mineral study.

Master of Science (Engineering Geology)

The development of a nation involves the construction of infrastructures such as dams, highways, industrial complexes, ports and airports.

UKM Master of Science (Nutrition)

The Nutrition program offers a Master of Science degree by thesis and coursework. The candidates in this field of specialization will be trained on the importance of nutrition in health and the complexity of nutritional problems. Nutrition is also closely linked to food production and safety.

Master of Science (Food Science)

The Food Science Program offers the Master of Science degree by thesis and coursework. These fields of study are closely related to food production from the point of harvest or slaughter until it is marketed and reaches the consumer in conditions that satisfy the consumer’s requirements in terms of food safety and taste.

Master of Science (Conservation Biology)

The Conservation Biology Program provides an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates an understanding of biological diversity with the economic and social dimensions of development.

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