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Master of Science (Environmental Assessment & Monitoring)

Preservation of the environmental quality is one of the aspects of development that is considered important in Malaysia based on the Langkawi Declaration 1989 and the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1992.

Master of Science (Engineering & Environmental Geophysics)

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Master of Science (Entomology)

Entomology is a field of science specializing in all aspects of learning and studying of insects. Its importance to mankind cannot be denied in the highly sophisticated era and the borderless world that we live in.

Master of Science (Chemistry)

The master program by thesis emphasizes research work to train scientists to be more capable to carry out fundamental and applied research and to support UKM as a Research University.

Master of Science (Applied Physics)

Applied Physics is a field that studies of both classical and modern physics and combines it with topics on most recent applications of these principles.

Master of Science (Marine Sciences)

As a superior Public Institution of Higher Learning (IPTA) in Malaysia, UKM has moved to the front in encouraging schools to offer postgraduate studies in science.

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