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Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours

Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) aims to provide full-time undergraduate professional training for future pharmacists.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Various civil engineering specialties are coordinated by the different groups such as structural engineering, construction materials engineering, construction and project management, geotechnical

Bachelor of Accounting with Honors

The Bachelor of Accounting program prepares the students to face the ever-changing real world, technological advancements and globalisation.

Master of Science (Mathematics)

The School of Mathematical Sciences conducts research in various fields of study such as Algebra, Complex Analysis, Group Theory

Master of Science (Energy Technology)

Some of the sources of alternative energy being considered actively at the international level are solar energy, wind energy, biomass, biogas and hydro.

Master of Science (Plant Systematics)

This program aims to help enhance the expertise of our biologists with knowledge and basic expertise to be involved in systematic and taxonomic projects.

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