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Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BPP) program began to be offered in 1995 in addition to the existing program at that time

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours)

The Fine Arts department offers students a wide variety of knowledge and training in skills on selected fine art fields which include painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Fine Art is a vital form of cultural expression that enriches our lives and challenges our views of the world. We rely on the arts to enrich our lives as well as to challenge our interpretation of the world around us.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Translation and Intepretation)

The translation and interpreting courses provide information on translation and interpreting theories and practices.

Foundation in Business

This internationally recognised Foundation programme is designed to be completed in a year and provides you with a broad- based educational experience that prepares you well for your degree.

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

The UCSI University MBA programme is specially designed to provide access to higher learning opportunities for both local and international practitioners and professionals.

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