Corporate training courses

Program Description

Corporate training courses aim at improving employees’ skills whether it is English or special courses. Employers can enroll their employees in numerous courses such as time management, communication skills, presentation skills, Leadership, and teamwork. The training programs help prepare employees to be more productive in the workplace. It will also help them learn new strategies to be a valuable member of the business team.

Learning Objectives


  • Deliver effective presentations in business meetings

  • Accurately use the language of negotiations

  • Communicate confidently and effectively in business meetings

  • Use proper vocabulary in formal business and colloquial business jargon

  • Recognize the features of different genres of business correspondence, such as memos, emails, and business letters as well as business articles and essays

  • Prepare for and participate in debates on business topics

  • Follow and demonstrate an understanding of lectures, talks, and interviews on business topics delivered by authentic business specialists

Course details:

  • Kuala lumpur

  • Request info ( contact us )

  • Request info ( contact us  )

  • 1 month 

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