Californiakl language Centre

About Californiakl language Centre

With more than 16 years of professional knowledge and passion for English teaching, we help students from all over the world improve their English. Your goal of success in the global community is our commitment to California KL. California KL helps students from more than 35 countries realize their dream of mastering English every year.

Why Californiakl

Initially, the main goal of KL California was to teach language skills to passionate children, teenagers and adults. However, in order to better serve our students, our focus has expanded to include character-building qualities such as self-confidence and much-needed communication skills. Now, our students are more capable than ever to deal with the daily experience of life, successfully completing academic research and working life.

Our professional mother tongue team is composed of highly qualified teachers who will do their best to guide and guide students. Our dedicated staff ensure that your language learning experience is unforgettable and will bring us the best students.

Californiakl Language Centre Tuition fees

Californiakl fees include tuition fees, student visa fee, health insurance fee, placement test, books , and airport pickup




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6 Months Visa

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6 Months Visa

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1 Year Visa

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Californiakl English courses

The general and intensive English courses at the Kuala Lumpur Language Centre in California are designed to help students improve their abilities in all five language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar). Students at all levels, from beginner to advanced, can participate in intensive English courses and benefit from a variety of activities both inside and outside the classroom. Various activities aim to enrich students’ language and social skills. Our students will also enjoy the privileges of the California Club. The goals of the California Club are specific language skills, including vocabulary, intonation, pronunciation, test preparation and cooperation. Extracurricular activities.

    • Five experienced English native speaking teachers per group

    • Full time (6 hours) intensive English course (listening, speaking, writing, reading and grammar)

    • Full course is 12 levels

    • Each level is 4 weeks (112 hours)

    • Small class size 8-12 students per class

    • American curriculum (TOP NOTCH)