Awesome English Language Center


Awesome English Language Center was opened back in 2012 Since then Awesome has been known for its wide and divers environment

Filled with students from more than 25 countries awesome is a unique English institution in Malaysia that. Provides not only English programs but also provides nearby students. 

Accommodation and educational consultancy for students aiming to pursue their studies in Malaysia with the top public ranked universities.

Awesome has distinguished itself with the most unique team of academics who aim to provide students with the latest educational methods used in the best manners. 

Awesome English Center offers programs in Tourism, Accounting and Business Administration awarded at the end of each term.

Their programs will be student centered and focused on guiding you by making use of their  experienced staff and expertise

Why Choose Awesome

Only The Communicative method is used in Classes1

1– Only The Communicative method is used in Classes 

  • Language skills are developed through communication
  • Situational teaching is used: students practice real-life situations
  • Authentic learning materials
  • Integration of all the skills

2- speaking classes

  • Students acquire vocabulary for everyday communication
  • Students learn to understand real authentic English
  • Students practice speaking skills in a natural environmen


3- Awesome is an IELTS Examination Venue not just an IELTS preparation Center

  • Students are fully prepared for their IELTS examination with our IELTS preparation courses
  • Students sit for IELTS exams at Awesome
  • Students collect their IELTS results at Awesome

4-Awesome provides convenient accommodation

  • 3  Minutes’ walk from Awesome
  • Convenient prices
  • Fully equipped


Program Offer

  • Intensive English Course


  • Holiday courses

  • Kids Class

  • Corporate English Training
    • English for Business 
    • English for Finance 
    • English for IT
    • English for Management 
    • English for Medicine 
    • English for Oil and Gas


Awesome English Center provides a comfortable and convenient housing equipped with all the necessary material a student might need. 

Bringing the feeling of a second home after students leave their home countries. 

The accommodation is in a condominium which is protected, secured and in a active and convenient location where students can easily reach any services they might need.


1- VIP Students Accommodation

High quality accommodation with the most comfortable hospitality experience.

 providing students with a V.I.P. living room and a highly prepared kitchen for your most delightful cooking and dining experience.

 Enjoy staying in your comfortable room and don’t forget to watch your favorite TV shows with the provided 40MB Fiber internet and a big TV screen.

(Price Started 1000rm-1600rm / 2050$-400$)


2- Standard Students Accommodation

Awesome students accommodation is a unit design where students share the same living room to interact with students.

 From different nationalities as well as a shared kitchen, students have their own personal rooms for their own privacy. 

Fully serviced accommodation with cleaning and maintenance services.

 (Price Started From 900rm – 1300rm / 225$-325$)

3- Full House for whole Family 

Awesome provides fully private units for families requesting to stay together, units range from: Studio unit, 2 Bedroom Units or 3 Bedrooms Unit.



  • Swimming Pool

  • GYM 

  • Security

  • Reserved car park 

  • Mosque 

  • Kids Playground

 ( Request More Information To Guide You For The Best )

Location ( With Map )

3-46,PV128, WANGSA MAJU,